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This course is the result of 6 years of careful development by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Cat Clutton. After using this program to successfully help hundreds of puppies each year, she has carefully tailored the curriculum to bring her proven methods to you in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

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Never Fear, Help for Your Teenager is Here!

    1. Review of Steps to Learn

    2. Review of Luring and Posture

    3. Using the Yes! Marker

    1. Intro to The Practice PERfect Plan

    2. Prevent the Bad Habits

    1. About Jumping Up on People

    2. Jumping (w/ Friends & Family)

    3. House Rules

    4. Jumping (w/ Strangers)

    1. Simple Duration

    2. Puppy Push-Ups

About This Course:

  • $179.00
  • establish solid communication to prevent misunderstandings
  • create a plan for managing unwanted behaviors
  • begin obedience foundations that will last a lifetime

This Is NOT Your Pet Store's Obedience Program.

Check out just some of the bonuses you'll get with this course:

  • > The Steps to Learn

    $149 value FREE!

    A proprietary method for teaching your pup any new behaviors that you'd like to put on cue.

  • > Practice PERfect Plan

    $479 value FREE!

    Discover the three steps to keeping your teenage pup out of trouble and practicing good habits.

  • > Control Words

    $159 value FREE!

    Does your dog think their name is "NoNoBadDog"? Don't be a broken record—learn how to use Control Words to give directions that are more specific than "no" and actually get results!

Course FAQs:

  • How can you help me train my dog if you've never met my dog in person?

    As it turns out, we here at REkALIBRATED k9 are actually in the business of training people. Dogs learn the same way in your living room as they do in a training facility—the difference between success and failure is how well their people absorbed the message during class! With an online course, you have the ability to go back and re-read a lesson, re-watch demo videos, or review the homework as many times as you need to to help guide your practice at home. Because of this ability to review the material as needed in addition to the absence of the stress often involved with managing an unruly dog in a training space around other dogs and people, the results from online dog training courses are often actually better!

  • How will my dog get practice around other dogs and people if they aren't in a group class?

    We don't expect children to learn to play the piano by setting them up on stage at a concert. Instead, we expect them to attend private lessons, practice at home, and work on their concert presentation in a school setting long before we expect them to perform under pressure.

    In the same way, we cannot expect dogs to be good at demonstrating their skills in difficult environments until they've actually mastered the skills in question. The first step is to create solid communication and understand how to progress into more difficult environments, not to jump straight into them!

  • Why should I pay for a training course when I can learn obedience on YouTube for free?

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When it comes to training puppies, time is not our friend—they grow up in the blink of an eye! Tackling bad habits as soon as they arise (or better yet, preventing them from ever occurring!) takes far less time and energy than attempting to undo habits that are well-practiced. If you're here, you're probably seeing the beginnings of a Teenage Terror in the making. The choice is yours: you can invest in this course designed to help you prevent bad habits like furniture chewing... or you can go the YouTube route and hope that the free training won't result in a couch that needs replacing down the line!

    We have helped HUNDREDS of dogs get on track with our proven puppy programs and are confident that for about 10% of the cost of replacing the couch, we can help you, too.

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